Jan. 18, 2014

Along with some help from my friends John and Todd, we threw a fun surprise party for our friend, Jeff Mauriello, to celebrate his 40th birthday.

Jeff was scheduled to be on vacation in Florida on his actual birthday of Jan. 14, so I invited him to meet up with John, Todd, and I for a casual get-together, since we rarely have a chance to meet up in small groups. Jeff asked about inviting others, and I promised that we could do that later in the month. Unbeknownst to him, I was already planning to include a much larger group to join in the festivities.

Thanks to the helpful staff at McKenzie Brew House in Devon, we reserved a group of high-top tables near the bar, and Todd and his wife Chris brought a terrific cannoli cake for the celebration. When Jeff arrived, I escorted him into the bar area, and while he wouldn’t fully admit that we got the best of him, I think he was genuinely surprised to see so many friends in attendance.

The food, drinks, and service were all top-notch. Many thanks to McKenzie’s for hosting us!

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