Mar. 17, 2012

What a difference five years can make.

My first St. Patrick’s Day party took place back in 2007, which was also the last time that the peak of the Irish holiday season happened to fall on a Saturday. Having only hosted one other large gathering (a housewarming party in late 2004), I left a few too many preparations to the last minute, and a freak mid-March winter storm added to the challenge. Somehow, I managed to pull it off, but it was definitely hard to do everything myself.

I’ve learned plenty of valuable lessons since that inaugural bash, and I’m incredibly grateful to have my wonderful fiancée, Joan, as my co-host for the third straight year. Some earlier planning and unusually warm weather helped us get a head start, and I finally opted to have several massive 40-pound bags of ice delivered to the house. The order was worth every penny, including a well-earned tip.

And compared to our ongoing wedding plans — a process that basically involves working on a dozen detail-oriented projects at once — hosting a St. Patrick’s Day party is downright simple. This year’s event was another success, and we’re already looking forward to the next one in 2013, which will be our first party as a married couple!

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