June 7, 2011

I know, there haven’t been many updates on this site in recent months, and that’s nothing new. Allow me to explain.

First, posting links with concise commentary on Facebook has largely replaced my previous habit of writing more detailed analysis on this blog. It doesn’t help that I still need to write raw HTML and manually upload files to post updates here, while broadcasting something on Facebook is just a click away. (I still hope to migrate this site to a simpler blogging platform like WordPress, but with over 600 blog entries, that could be a complicated effort.)

Another reason is that my life is substantially busier these days. I’m really enjoying my work at Comcast Interactive Media in Center City, but my daily Regional Rail commute definitely translates into less time around the house. And with a confirmed wedding date set for next May, I’m sure that I’ll continue to be quite busy over the next few months with all of the planning.

However, one other factor is that I’ve been actively working on a different Web site, one that has more of a professional focus:

I wisely bought the domain name in late 2001, but didn’t post anything on it until late 2006 when I was facing a potential job search at the time. Ever since, I’ve maintained the site with basic information about my career. And recently, I’ve been fleshing it out with a detailed bio, a reformatted résumé, and some details about some of my side projects and sources of creative inspiration. One of my favorite features is using different CSS files to display the same content for my bio and résumé in both on-screen and printer-friendly formats with ease.

Honestly, I have zero interest in making any career moves right now, but I always feel better when I have my work-related experience documented and ready when I’ll eventually need them.

And now that is in much better shape, I’ll do my best to write here more often.

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