Apr. 17, 2011

Some recent observations:

  1. I’m convinced that LinkedIn is an incredibly important tool in one’s career these days; it played a huge role in my successful job search last year, and I update my profile often. But I’m concerned that I’m starting to treat the site like a video game; my new high score is 400 contacts and counting.
  2. The Onion never fails to amuse me; their new shirt, “What Does Not Kill Me Only Makes Me Whinier” is their best creation since “Stereotypes Are a Real Time-Saver.”
  3. I’ve seen plenty of amateur performers in Suburban Station over the last nine months. But last week, the familiar banjo player was accompanied by someone playing an upright bass! Quite a unique soundtrack at the end of my morning commute.
  4. It’s great to catch up on a lot of important and overdue projects. But let’s just say that I don’t recommend finishing one’s taxes, rolling over a 401(k) and pension, refinancing a mortgage, and coordinating plans for a wedding and reception all at the same time. Good progress so far, but it’s been exhausting.

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Apr. 10, 2011

As a Christmas gift to my parents, Joan and I treated them to a fun day out in the city. The way I figured it, we all have plenty of sweaters; spending time together is much more meaningful.

We drove them into the city, with Joan deftly guiding us around roadblocks for a regatta that day. After parking in the underground Art Museum garage, we walked to the Water Works Restaurant, where we enjoyed the best brunch I’ve had in years. Custom-made omelettes, delicious sausage and bacon, Bloody Marys, and even chilled shrimp and lump crabmeat made for a wonderful meal.

Our day continued with a afternoon tour of the regular galleries at the Philadelphia Art Museum, where Joan and I became annual members last year. We enjoyed a wide variety of exhibits, ranging from American classics to Impressionist works to Pennsylvania furniture; naturally, I was particularly impressed by the stately grandfather clocks on display. And my mom and I discovered a new favorite painting: Liverpool from Wapping (1875) by John Atkinson Grimshaw.

What a terrific day in Philly. We’ve gotta do that again!

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