Nov. 16, 2003

Questions for which I have no answer:

  1. Why did the large majority of Philadelphia voters think that an ongoing federal investigation was a good reason to re-elect John Street as mayor?
  2. Why should anyone, especially those of us in the States, care about the British royal family or any scandals that pertain to them? The royals are completely irrelevant in today’s world, and certainly don’t deserve any additional attention.
  3. Why did Nissan bother to send me a check for $1.71 as part of a class-action settlement? I’ll probably use two bucks’ worth of gas just to drive to the bank and cash the check.
  4. Why did my apartment complex decide to build two large gazebos on the property in mid-November, just in time for winter?*

* Update: The gazebos have been outfitted with new mailboxes, which appear to be much larger than the old cubbyhole-sized ones. But there’s a trade-off, of course — the gazebo containing my mailbox is even farther away from my building than before.

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